Darxi Owner posted Feb 13, 19

Darxi has many Features that other server's do not have working fully. Our players are Daily Active and very helpful to the new ones. Darxi718 also has 5 Different Game Modes, giving different Xp Rates & Drop Rates. Each GameMode has it's own Highscores. Our Staff Members are Active and Generous to helping new players. Every Skill in Darxi is Working, as well as Minigames. Here is a list of some of Darxi's In-Game Content.

  1. Player Shops | Squeal Fortune | Minigames | Boss's
  2. Pet Shops | Rare Drops | Daily Events | Raids
  3. Falling Star's | Achievements | Daily Trivia
  4. Well Of Fortune | Sinkholes | Hidden Penguins
  5. Beautiful Homes | Custom Animations Quests
  6. Double Xp Weekends | Pet Investments